About Me - TorAnthonsen

Tor Anthonsen

A hobby photographer living in Sandefjord, Norway .
So who is Tor Anthonsen! He will call himself a photographer since that is what he lives and breathes. He has a full time job and do not always have time for his precious hobby. But he runs with his hobby and he does it with all the knowledge he has learned and taught himself. He has lots of imagination that he wants to put into his pictures, and this is the biggest driving force. This is just a glimpse into his world, so look at the pictures here and enjoy.

All images copyright Tor Anthonsen. All rights 

After a lot of work with image processing and lighting I have constantly challenged myself to take new steps. That equipment costs a lot of money is not to exaggerate, but I work with what I have. So what is it that I like to create in my pictures? Well I like to put people, vehicles and objects in a fantasy world, combining different backgrounds. Everything from something I create or anything I shoot. If you find what I do interesting or nice so do not hesitate to contact me.

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